Product Review - Snuggle Heat Pad or Guinea Pig Hot Water Bottle

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Have you ever seen these in your local Pet Superstore and wondered if they are a good idea ???

Well, for a start, don't buy them from your local Pet Superstore because you can buy them online for almost half the price !!!
Are they a good idea ??? Yes, is the simple answer to that question.
 Gary 010-400
And here is Gary effectively demonstrating how he just loves his.
I put the heat pad in his room and left him to decide what he wanted to do with it. And as you can see he decided he liked his pawses and tummy warm.
Easy to use, all you need is a microwave. Follow the simple instructions and your pet stays warm and cozy for up to 10 hours.
Online, I found you couldn't beat the price of £12.97 from And if you buy two it's free post and packaging aswell.

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  1. Olivia

    Can the guinea pigs overheat? I'm 12. Would it be a good idea I still get it? Hello Olivia: If the piggy is in good health he/she will know to move about if they get too warm laying in one position, but the heat pad does come with a cover which you should always use. If needed you could wrap another towel around the pad. It is a very good idea to have one for use after piggy has had a bath or if piggy is housed outside during winter. :)

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