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We haven't used sawdust for either guests or our own piggies for a few years now, but we have still had to use sawdust for visiting rabbits and hamsters, mainly because we hadn't found a suitable alternative and unlike piggies who just love hay on newspaper rabbits and hamsters need something extra.

Well, we think we may have found something better - Back-2-nature Small Animal Bedding & Litter.


As you can see from the photo the manufacturers have many claims - don't they always. So, we initially tried a small 10 litre bag costing £5.99, but are now using the 30 litre sack.

Let's start with what we think is the one and only bad point about this product - price. We bought a 30 litre sack for £12.99 from Pampurred Pets, which compared to sawdust is much more expensive per volume, unfortunately, we have also found this item for £16.99 from Pets At Home, so you do have to watch where you buy from. Having said that we have seen the 30 litre sacks reduced to £9.00 on occasion, so grab them when you can.

On the plus side, we are looking at a product made from recycled paper; brilliant - Is chemical and additive free; excellent news for small furries lungs etc - Is biodegradable; very useful - And the best bit, it's highly absorbent, which is especially good for those pets who, (now how shall we put this politely), smell !!!

The look and feel of the product is quite unique too as it is in the shape and form of pellets. Our hamsters still manage to create small mountains for their nests though, and for our guest rabbits we add a mound of hay on top. And it is so much easier to use, with virtually no mess.

So, even though this product is more expensive than sawdust, all the other advantages out way the cost and for us it means we will keep buying it.

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