Prices - From 01.02.2018

The total number of days you book must include your pets arrival and departure days


Single Guinea Pig - £3.00 per day

Bonded Guinea Pigs - (2 or more sharing) - £3.00 for the first piggy and then £2.00 for each additional piggy in the same accommodation

Guinea Pig Spa/Pedicure Treatments - Please see our Spa page for details

Guinea Pig Poorly Pig Service - £10.00 per day - For piggies who need that little extra care

Guinea Pig Intensive Care Service - £50.00 per day - For very sick piggies who need my undivided attention day and night


Hamsters/Gerbils - (own cage to be provided) - £2.00 per day

Degus - (own cage to be provided) - £3.00 per day

Chinchillas/Rats - (own cage to be provided) - £4.00 per day

Cockatiels/Budgies - (own cage to be provided) - £4.00 per day

Indoor Tortoise - (own table to be provided) - £10.00 per day

Domesticated Pygmy Hedgehogs - (own vivarium to be provided) - £10.00 per day

We are unable to accommodate parrots or chickens at present


Outside Rabbit Accommodation - Unheated

- Daisy Cottage & Garden - £10.00 per day - max 2 bunnies

- Bunny Lodge & Garden - £10.00 per day - max 2 bunnies

Indoor Rabbit Accommodation - Heated

- Hidey-Hole Hangout - £10.00 per day - max 2 bunnies

To ensure the health of your rabbit/s and that of our other guests, we will only accept your rabbit/s if fully vaccinated against both Nobivac-Myxomatosis/RVHDv1 and Filovac Vaccine-RVHDv1 & RVHDv2

For effectiveness, these vaccinations should be administered at least two weeks before your rabbits arrival. Please bring all valid certificates with you

Pedicure - £5.00 per Rabbit - Only if your rabbit is already staying with us


Fuss and affection, love and attention - No charge 

No deposit is necessary when booking as full payment in cash is due the day of your pets arrival. If your plans do happen to change after booking, please don't worry, just let us know.

There is no extra charge for bank holidays.