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When you visit Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel - by appointment only - please ring the bell, leave your pet's carry box on our sheltered, shaded doorstep and step back. I will appear and we can discuss any of your pets needs whilst observing social distancing rules. It is entirely your choice if you want to wear a mask as we are outside, but you must stand well back, especially if you have just returned from abroad. Our reception room can only be used in extreme circumstances, as in extreme weather, as it doesn't allow for us to stand apart enough, in which case you must be wearing a mask before entry. Alternatively, if you text me when you arrive, I can collect or bring your pet out to your car. If you are feeling ill for any reason, before or after your holiday. Please let me know so that I can adjust distancing even further. If you return from a country that is on the Government's quarantine list, you should not be visiting to collect your pet anyway. I can bring your pet to your home, doorstep exchange only, but there is an added charge for this service. I will clean the handle of your pet's carry box before taking them through to their enclosure or for their spa. When you come to collect them the same rules will apply but in reverse. Invoices with payment details are now being sent via email for payment. This is an ongoing situation, so our covid policy may change at any time to reflect new rules and recommendations as they are released. This policy will stay in effect until further notice.

Below are a few other more common questions we are asked, especially useful for new guests to know and for anyone else to catch up on.

Q: Can I visit to see what type of accommodation is available ???

This service is no longer available. Sorry, you can blame Covid-19 for that.

There are a few photos of our little hotel on our About Us page to give you an idea of what is provided for your pet, or you can visit our new YouTube channel.  If you want to know more please get in contact, we are always happy to answer questions.

Q: My guinea pig lives outside, will they have access to a grassy enclosure during the day ???

We don't have space in our garden, unfortunately, to allow for all our outdoor piggy guests to have access to runs. So we have none. It was a difficult decision to make but having only recently connected electrics to our garden cabin meant we had to dig up half our garden to bury the cable but this has enabled us to take the opportunity to relandscape. To compensate for this we provide large enclosures and hay with extra nibbly bits to forage for.

Q: I am going away and/or on an extended holiday for more than two weeks, can I get a discount ???

The simple answer is no, we are involved and interact with your pet, we offer love, kindness and our time - day and night. And we feel that the daily amount we charge is great value for money for the all round care and attention your pet/s can expect to receive whilst they stay with us.

Q: How do I book accommodation at Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel ???

Please send your pets details, including whether they live indoors or outside, with your dates in an email to – castlegarthhotelgp@hotmail.co.uk – We will then be able to let you know if there is accommodation available - Please be aware that we get booked months, sometimes a year, in advance - After that we will send you our booking forms for completion. These need to be returned within 7 days to secure your booking.

Q: How do I transport my pet ???

Please use a large enough carrier that is suitable for your pets individual needs whilst in transit. Making adjustments for summer and winter travel.

We are happy to store your pets carrier until your return.

Q: I don’t have a car can you collect and/or deliver my pet ???

Collection and delivery can also be arranged when you make a booking with us.

Additional charges apply for this service and depend on where you live.

We can also supply a pet carrier, if necessary.

Q: What do I need to bring with my pet ???

The most important item is their nuggets/dried food and any other home-from-home comforts you would like them to enjoy. Bottles, bowls, tunnels and houses, even hay, are provided, but if you want to bring them too please do.

Q: What food do I need to bring with my pet ???

You need to provide us with enough nuggets/dried food for the length of your pets stay with us. The easiest way is to bring an unopened bag, labelled with your pets name and individual dispensing details. Any remaining food will be returned to you on collection of your pet.

Fresh food is provided, but if you have anything that is likely to go to waste whilst you are away, please consider a donation to us. No food should ever be wasted and it will always be eaten here.

Q: Oh no, I’ve forgotten to bring my pets food ???

Don’t worry, if you need a particular brand of food, there are at least two pet stores within a mile of our location. Or, you have the option to buy a bag of Harringtons Optimum Guinea Pig Nuggets from our shop if you have piggies as pets.

Q: How and when do I pay ???

Payment is required in full before your pet is collected. My payment details will be included on your invoice, which will be emailed to you the day before.

Unfortunately, I can no longer accept cash and cheques.

Any daily rate includes the day your pet is brought to us and the day he/she leaves regardless of the time of day.

There is no charge for bank holidays.

Q: What happens if I cancel my holiday ???

If your plans change or a family member has volunteered to look after your pet, please let us know as soon as possible via text or email so that we can offer your accommodation to another guest. We often have a waiting list for cancellations.

There's no cancellation fee, however, donations would be greatly appreciated and especially welcome at the moment. Here is the link - https://paypal.me/CastleGarthGPHotel?locale.x=en_GB

Q: When can I bring/collect my pet ???

Appointments must be arranged in advance. This is to help to avoid disruption to any other guests arriving and departing and our own commitments. This is very important and appreciated especially throughout our very busy days.

Our business hours are 9.00am to 6.00pm

When arranging a date and time for your pets collection, please pay particular attention to your return date. Late flights and/or sailings and even holiday traffic may mean it won’t be possible to collect your pet until the following day, especially as delays are highly likely at these times. Avoid the extra stress, book your pets collection for the following day, go home and relax.

We accept no liability for injuries sustained by you or any other family member or your emergency contact person whilst visiting our home and business premises.

Q: What happens if my pet becomes ill or is injured before their stay ???

All pets boarding with us must be in good health, with all current medical conditions declared prior to our agreeing to board them. This is as much for the benefit of your own pet as for our other guests. If, upon arrival, we feel your pet is showing signs of illness or injury, not previously notified, we may refuse to accept them and/or immediately send you to consult with a vet.

Pets are experts at hiding pain, injury and illnesses. It is something learnt from their wild ancestors to protect themselves from predators. They may not be able to tell us something is wrong but they do communicate in other ways. So, it can be a good idea, before boarding your pet with us, and particularly if you have noticed something different in their weight and/or behaviour – however insignificant – to take time to visit your own vet with your concerns, because sometimes the simple act of moving your pet to a different location with our different smells, noises and routine – even if they have been here before – may just trigger a minor illness into something more serious.

In most circumstances, we will still be able to board your pet and administer medicine etc., but each case will be assessed individually depending on the nature of the illness/injury.

Please be aware that this will always incur higher boarding rates due to the level of extra care required and must be settled in full on collection of your pet.

Q: What happens if my pet becomes unwell, is injured or dies during their stay ???

Unfortunately, we can’t say this is rare any more. Even with the best care and attention that we can possibly give your pet, sometimes we are dealing with unknown factors such as any underlying illness, age, any companions behaviour, even the weather can potentially harm your pet and they can deteriorate very quickly.

If anything happens to your pet, expect to receive a text or email - Depending on where you are in the world, what you are doing and/or the time of day/night, receiving a phone call about the health of your pet may not be convenient, appropriate, and is always stressful. We need to keep your pet calm and their situation under control, especially if it is an emergency, in which case, we will contact a vet as a matter of urgency and then let you know.

Please be aware that pets can become ill at any time - Emergencies occurring late at night, over the weekend and/or on a bank holiday means an out-of-hours vet is the only vet available which always incurs a higher consultation cost.

Our costs also increase depending on the level of extra care that your pet needs administered day and/or night. Please see our poorly pet section on our prices page.

Whichever vet we visit your pet will be treated and invoiced under our name, however, a copy of this vet invoice and any notes we have made will also accompany our invoice for your records.

If, for any reason, we have to separate bonded companions, additional accommodation boarding rates will also be added to your invoice.

All additional fees must be settled in full on collection of your pet.

In the event your pet does pass away whilst in our care we will follow the same procedure as illness and contact you either by text or email.

Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to hold your pets body until your return, in which case, we will transport them to your own vet for collection at your convenience giving you time to decide what you would like to do with them upon your return.

We accept no liability in the event that your pet becomes ill, is injured or passes away whilst staying at Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel.

All pets are left entirely at their owners risk.


Updated – August 2020