Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel is unlike any other small animal boarding establishment, because we do not use the conventional. For example, accommodation available for all piggy guests are in C&C enclosures providing light and space, with trays of hay for enrichment, not bedding, thus promoting natural behaviour but with the added comfort of soft fleece underfoot. Bedrooms are fabric tents, which expand to accommodate piggies and their bonded companions sitting together or further apart. There are different sized enclosures available and are allocated on a first come, first served basis with the size of each piggy group taken into consideration. Indoor guinea pigs, other small pets, birds etc., are accommodated within our all-purpose pet room, whereas piggies that live outside will be accommodated within our purpose-built garden cabin.

For rabbit guests, our indoor bunny enclosure, also situated within our pet room, includes a secret burrow. Whereas for outside bunny guests we have playhouses enclosed within individually paved gardens, which allows each bunny guest the freedom to run and explore in safety.

The photos on our gallery page give an idea of what piggies, bunnies and other small guests can expect when they visit - Space, light and plenty of relaxation.

If you want to see more of our guests photos please take a look at our Instagram account.


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New For 2019

Our new reception area is now complete. A little place of tranquility separate from our house that allows for guests to be dropped off and collected from. It also includes a shop with piggy gifts, hay and food.